what do

 what do you mean by better? I mean  better poetry , or a better collection

i mean that its something less sick

  not a s sick


O these

Extraordinary ~  Pure                      Ingenius  ~

' travel
meeting across it and disappear'

is a  long story

with many parts

manyparted tale  ~




 Not too long back go

 say in last

couple days


 'C. Duffy' an editor of this blog in impropria persona : said :  said.. to a querulous Clumpyeeder_ A brief note dropping by the wished for space  intelligence of moving commentary rare in its seed of expression content  outlying form. Rhizomatics, antigenealogieszzzzzzzz  to say a G  And D

Best of all to you Sir    ~



Folds. yers,

_______________ Now our old teacher taught us dont waste time with minor pedals, fury bongers, wretched feet, stinkey gueshoes, wastrel bongodrummer.

In Paris, as in India, we learned detachment from the object of .

Now detachment from the object of.

Was better than the petit objet A? was it. You tart.

 The word 'postmodern' reveals more about the one saying it than any subject such subject claims to

 Great pome __? One can suppose an idiot would suggest otherwise. If one had to be direct with gross imbecility two would be sick all year.

Doctor Schizioanalysis   ~_




  Who comments on the fascist territorializing 
                                      return of the proper person? 

Does it seem shadow to its pressing part ?

One cannot help. Hinder to its wholesome review||

Negatives must go.

One does not sort the negative
moves outside

along beside

_________Other space  time   ~

 Dante laid depth
charges that banged 
 for centuries
& the dogs tore them
All night I sat and waited watched
for the courthouse
to dim shrewish pigs grunted the night offal

Don't forget 
spiffy rises
go to the 'best' that
have to offer
not machiners
and gleaners
nor tyrant pigs
and duel bellers